How to dab using the Roll Uh Bowl

Love to dab on-the-go?  With a few simple steps you can transform your Roll Uh Bowl Bowl into a portable dab rig! 

Here's what you'll need: 

Roll-uh-Bowl Purple Haze

Roll Uh Bowl

First you'll need an Original or BIG Roll Uh Bowl in any color.

Eject-a-Bowl Bowl and Downstem


The Eject-a-Bowl will transform into a joint for the nail.

Titanium Nail and Dab Tool

Nail and Tools

Don't forget the titanium nail and dab tool with carb cap.

Midnight Toke

Midnight Toke

Check out our friends at Midnight Toke!

Looking for a glass rig to hit at home?  Midnight Toke offers quality glass pieces, dab tools, nails, bangers, and more!

Here's some of our favorite pieces: 

Vortex Mini Lantern Dab Rig

Vortex Mini Lantern Dab Rig

Colored Pencil Dab Tool

Colored Pencil Dab Tool

GRAV Circuit Rig

GRAV Double-Layer Circuit Rig