About Roll Uh Bowl

Roll Uh Bowl is a Patent / Trademarked on-the-go, palm-size, self-contained strong silicone water pipe. Just take the band off and your Roll Uh Bowl springs into action…literally! Roll Uh Bowl is the most compact, portable and durable strong silicone water pipe on the market. With Roll Uh Bowl, you get...Smoky Bubbles. Anywhere. Every Roll Uh Bowl is made in the USA of 100% Healthcare grade, FDA approved, Class VI silicone.  Roll Uh Bowl comes in Blue, Black, Purple, Green Orange and Glow in the Dark.  Roll Uh Bowl is flavorless, odorless and easy to clean - simply remove the bowl and downstem and put it in the dishwasher, or rinse with soapy water to clean. Whether you’re a climber, biker, kayaker, skier or just enjoy being on the go, Roll Uh Bowl is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. When you’re not using your Roll Uh Bowl, the bowl and down stem are securely stored inside the folded unit ensuring safe keeping until you’re ready to rock.  Portable, unbreakable strong silicone waterpipe, Made in the USA. Thanks for checking us out. However you roll, keep hittin' it on the go, and keep making those ... ... Smoky Bubbles Anywhere.